Several rotten wires, which are used to raise flowers, have so effective, old flower farmers are stunned!

Simple civilian version of iron wire usage

When cutting in autumn, the film needs to be kept warm and moisturizing. At this time, it is important to make a greenhouse. First of all, a round wire circle is used, as shown in the figure below.

Then tie the film and make great achievements!

The remaining iron wire can be a small rake.

Prepare a wooden stick and a few sections of iron.

Bend the wire, tie it to a wooden stick, and clamp it with pliers.

In the end, the remaining corners can be thrown into the water bottle, such as rich bamboo, green dill, etc., can supplement them for iron and prevent yellow leaves.

Advanced version of iron wire usage

If you feel that the simple version is too easy, then you can try this -iron style. Prepare two like the same long iron wire and some slightly thin tied iron wires.

Fold both ends of the iron wire with your hands to form water droplets.

Insert the iron wire into the flower pot so that the ends of the wire can be completely touched to the bottom of the pot.

Tie the cross part with prepared fine iron wires.

That long plate line is fixed on the top at the end, and then wrapped around the body.

You can fix each node.

That’s it after doing it ~ Is it very simple?

When the plant is climbing with a flower stand, the heart will definitely be full of happiness ~

If you are clever, you might as well get some tricks on the flower stand.

Bulls version of iron wire use

At first glance, Huahua saw this fleshy basket and liked it! And the approach is simple, the optimistic friends may wish to try it ~

The best choice of 2mm by wire, otherwise it can’t be twisted.

Cut a section of iron first, connect the first and tail, and circulate the base of succulent baskets.

Then make a few sections of wire to make a basket. The wire -long wire is made into a basket. The nodes are a few more circles, which are good -looking and strong.

You can make some small decorations on the basket.

After installing coconut bran inside, you can let the meat come home!

Cool Noble Edition Iron Wire usage

If you will do the above, then you can try the following iron wire … Whoever loves to try and try, anyway, I don’t try … because I know, it will not be used …

The Usage Usage Usage of the Shengshen Edition

There is a guy abroad who has been completely immersed in iron wire … Oh no, maybe it should be said to be the creation of iron wire art …

When you see such a huge figure on the street, you will definitely doubt that you spend his eyes.

The collision between illusions and reality is like a dream.

Then, the portrait portrait can no longer be satisfied with this guy, because he is obsessed with the wire for architecture!

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