Succulent plants three taboos in spring maintenance

Spring succulent should not break water, control water control

Spring is actually the growth season of most succulents. At this time, water cannot be broken. Watering can promote the growth of the plant.

Pay attention to watering at this time, according to the weather and the size of the flower pot and the growth of plants need to be poured. If the water evaporates fast, then pour more, and the evaporation should be less. Be careful not to accumulate water.

Generally, watering pots are watered once every 3/5 days, watering the porcelain basin once every 7/10 days, and plastic flower pots once every 5/7 days.

Spring succulents should not directly get outdoor exposure

The temperature in spring has risen, and the light gradually becomes stronger. At this time, it should be noted that most of the succulent winter is indoors, with little contact with light, and the light of spring becomes stronger. Exam exposure is easy to burn it, which is fatal to succulent.

Note that in the spring, it is generally necessary to slowly contact the sun, and don’t make the sun at once. It basically maintains an hour of direct light every day, and it is good to contact the scattered light in the rest. About a month, it can fully contact the sun.

Spring succulent should not use the medicine chaotic

The fleshy is growing in spring, and everyone is more worried that it will give it some pests and insect pests without sleep. In fact, the growth of succulent at this time is relatively fragile. If you spray it for it, it is easy to burn when you encounter sunny days.

Note that if you want to spray medicine, dilute as much as possible, and it is best not to put it in a strong light after spraying.

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