The first five “don’t want” the succulent autumn

Don’t increase the sunlight too fast

In summer, everyone will cover the succulents to prevent it from getting the sun. So in the autumn, everyone will restore the fleshy light, but be careful not to let it come into contact with full -day photos at once, and the time of light should be gradually increased.

Try not to expose the seedlings

If you are farmented by breeding succulents, the succulents are still small seedlings, then the light cannot be too strong. Even in the autumn, if you want to increase light, you must pay attention to gradual progress, and you cannot suddenly increase strong light.

Don’t spray medicine during the day

Sometimes it is necessary to spray drugs in the fleshy flowers, but be careful not to do it during the day, because the drugs will have a strong chemical reaction under light, so that the leaves will be damaged. If you need to spray medicine, you can choose to do it at night without worrying about the burns of the sun.

Do not concentrate too high in fertilization

In the fall, many fleshy meat will return to growth. Everyone feels that the fleshy is already hungry for a summer and needs to be fertilized. However, it should be noted that if you want to fertilize at this time, you cannot use heavy fertilizer to avoid fertilizer. Try to dilute as much as possible when fertilizing.

Do not pour it on the leaves

In the autumn, although light is not as strong as summer, it is easy to be sunburned with light plus water droplets and the flesh of light for a long time.

Therefore, be careful not to pour on the leaves when watering, and do not water it at noon.

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