The 20 -year cactus is higher than the house, and it can still flow results

20 years of fairy column

(Author: Jemeuchen Source: Xianzhen Garden)

(Author: Jemeuchen Source: Xianzhen Garden)

(Author: Shibao Blog Source: Sina Blog)

Fairy column blooms:

Fairy column result:

Great God’s care skills:

1. Multi -phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. From March to November, the growth period of the immortal column was fertilized every 20 days. The fertilizer can be made of rotten bone residue and Chinese medicine residue to dilute the compound fertilizer to 4 ‰ to fertilize the leaves. wet.

2. When the fairy pillar, put a layer of tiles on the bottom of the basin to allow the root to breathe and avoid rotten roots. Watering should be dried and wet, and watering when the pot soil is dry.

20 years of Kirin Palm

(Author: Nana Baby Source: Tibetan Flower Pavilion)

(Author: Sucre7 Source: Tibetan Flower Pavilion)

Great God’s care skills:

1. Dans the sun and water less. Summer is the season when Kirin grows strong. It needs to be exposed to the sun, but at noon, you must pay attention to avoid exposure. You can use shading nets and screens. Watering should not be too much, wait until the surface of the pot soil is pale.

2. Lead. Kirin does not like big fertilizer, you can apply full rose of beancake water and bone residue water once a month.

20 years of fairy column

(Author: Stay in Shinhe Source: Jialingjiang Community Network)

Fairy palm blooms:

Fairy palm result:

Great God’s care skills:

1. Apply more. In the growth period of the cactus, about 15 days of fertilization. The fertilizer can be made of self-made. Put the crushed bean cakes, fish intestines, etc. in the bottle, add 2-4 times water, leave 1/3 of the gap above the bottle, and after being fully fermented and rotten, take the liquid and clear water in the upper part. 1: The ratio of 20 can be mixed.

2. Watering is best for rainwater and well water. If it is tap water, it is best to use it for 1-2 days. Fish tank water and rice water are good choices.

Fairy ball

(Author: Puzhou guest Source: Bathing Huagu)

Fairy ball blooms:

Fairy ball results:

Great God’s care skills:

1. If you want the fairy ball to grow well, you must get more fertilizer. About 10-15 days are used for fertilization. You can use the full rotten bean cake, Chinese medicine residue, bone residue, chicken manure, etc. as fertilizers. You can also use 0.1 % urea or 0.2 0.2 Urdone phosphate dihydrogen dihydrogen solution is used alternately.

2. Fertilizer should not be stained on the sphere, otherwise it is easy to get the immortal ball. If you accidentally splash on the sphere, wash it off with water in time.

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