The breeding method and precautions of fire spiny

Breeding method

Fire spiny likes a warm and humid environment. Pay attention to ventilation from time to time, otherwise it is easy to cause the disease of the spiny spine. Fire spine is suitable for growing in an environment with a temperature of 20 ~ 30 ° C. It requires sufficient light and should be given a longer sunshine time. The fire spiny is cold -resistant and can easily overwinter. If the temperature growing in winter, it will affect the flowering and result of the fire spine in the second year.

Fire spiny has low requirements for soil, but in order to grow well in the growth and development of fire spiny plants, it is still necessary to choose sandy soil with deeper soil layers, loose soil, and good drainage. Some nitrogen fertilizers can usually be applied to promote the growth of fire spiny branches and leaves. When the flowering period is about to come, some phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer can be applied to promote the prosperity of the flowering period, and it can also promote the maturity of the fruit. Do not fertilize in winter, so that the fire spines can pass the dormant period.

The spine is drought -resistant, but the soil is easy to dry in winter, and some water can be poured appropriately. The soil can be dry during the flowering period, which is good for the result of the fire spine. Pay attention to drainage if you encounter the rainy season. After harvesting the fruit, you must pour enough overwinter water before entering the hibernation period, and then watered no longer watering during the hibernation.

Fire spine generally reproduces through two methods of seed reproduction and cutting.


We should pay attention to preventing the disease and insect pests when planting fire spines. If the spiny spines are planted in an environment with poor ventilation conditions, it will be prone to fungi, causing leukemia, leaf spots, rust, and other diseases. Spray the treatment with pills such as Bacteria. In spring, there are easy aphids, and fire spines are also prone to insect pests such as pear crowns. We must find early and use related potions to kill pests as soon as possible.

Fire spines also need to be pruning, because the fire spines are very messy under the natural state, which not only affects the growth of the spiny spine, but also affects the result of the fire spine. , Weak branches, etc. When the flowering period is near, pay attention to trimming too much buds.

Fire spines like water and fertilizer very much, so the potted spine should be replaced once every two years to turn the pots to maintain the fertility of the pot soil.