The breeding method and precautions of iron chopsticks

1. Water

Iron chopsticks prefer a wet environment. The leaves are very large and soft. Usually, they should pour more water. In the growing season, the soil should be kept moist. In the spring, with the rise of temperature, it will enter a period of strong growth, and the amount of watering should gradually begin to increase. In early spring, the watering is generally carried out before noon. When the temperature is relatively high in summer, the evaporation is relatively large at this time, so the watering must be enough, which is generally suitable for the morning or evening. Wait until late autumn to winter, and should keep the soil dry appropriately, so that it is more conducive to its underground buds to better sleep. But in the rainy season, pay special attention to drainage.

2. Follow the top

Enough fertilizer water supply is the basis for its better growth. We have to add fertilizer three times a year. The first time is after the spring germination. This can promote the differentiation of the buds and make the color more bright. The second time is after blooming, so that it can better supplement nutrition and promote the better development of its stems and seeds. The third time is in September and October. At this time, it can make its roots and underground buds better, laying a better foundation for the next year’s growth and flowering. But remember not to top up when blooming in early spring, otherwise it will easily let its flowers fall. And when the temperature is high in summer, fertilization should be stopped.

3. shade

When you just entered the spring, you should maintain sufficient sunshine, so that it can help the differentiation, flowering, and result of the flower buds, and the proper shade in summer. From April to the end of August, the sun is very strong, and it often sprays a little water on its leaves. This can cool it properly.