What soil does Douban Green use

Douban green requirements for soil

When breeding plants, the first appropriate soil is the most fundamental, because if the soil is not suitable, the growth of plants will be suppressed and even some bad phenomena will occur.

When breeding Douban Green, the requirements for soil need to be loose, fertile, and well -drained soil. In general, the selected soil should be better and better.

When choosing the soil of Douban Green, it is generally configured to mix a variety of medium and use it. The matrix that can be used in this writing includes river sand, peat soil, perlite, vermiculite, corrupt leaf soil, and so on. When configuration of soil, you need to choose some soils and configure it. For example, the soil that is selected with peat soil and suction configuration can be set to 6 to 1, which is more suitable.

Of course, there are some other ways to configure soil.

Pay attention to the use of Douban green soil

Although the choice method of the soil of Douban Green, it is still necessary to pay attention to some taboos in terms of soil matching.

The first is that Douban green is not suitable for growing in clay. Because the permeability and drainage of clay are poor, it is best to match some of the soil with good breathability when choosing the soil.

Secondly, when configuring the soil, in order to keep the soil with good fertilizer, appropriate rotten organic fertilizer can be added to the soil to make base fertilizer.

Finally, the configuration soil needs to be kept humid. The water content of a shit soil is 40% -60%, and the water should not be too much.

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