The breeding method and precautions of the fairy refer to

Breeding method


The appropriate growth temperature of the fairy refers to between 19-32 ° C, the appropriate temperature in winter is 7-13 ° C, and at the same time, it can withstand a low temperature of 1 to 2 ° C. In the summer high temperature season, you need to shade properly and pay attention to ventilation.


The fairy refers to the slightly shade, it is best to put it in the semi -yin environment. Pleasant sunshine, appropriate light must be given throughout the year, otherwise the branches and stems will become thinner, flowers less, short flowers, and the value of ornamental value will be greatly reduced. Avoid direct light in summer and do a good job of shading. In addition, the fairy refers to short light plants, and the daily light time needs to be controlled within 10 hours.


Suitable for growing in soil rich in organic matter and drainage. Poor growth in sticky soil, and 20-30 % of river sand should be mixed with pot soil.


Do not like big fertilizer, better with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, apply thin fertilizer every two weeks.


The fairy refers to drought tolerance. When management, the pot soil should be dry and wet, and do not water too much, otherwise it will easily cause the root system to rot. Watering is fully watered during the growth season. In winter, low temperature dormant, keep the pot soil dry.


Control water

In winter, you need to go through a frozen and dormant stage, otherwise it will be difficult to bloom. After being frozen, you need to keep dry until you are about to bloom, and there is no need to water during this period.

After entering the spring, you still do n’t water it. When the flower buds have soybeans, you can start to water through the size.

During the dormancy of the cactus after flowering and in the summer high temperature, water should be controlled while preventing rain and avoiding rotten roots.

Basin and trimming

Once the pot is performed every 2 years, the matrix can be prepared with rotten soil, peat soil, and bran ash. Spring combined with the trimming work, densely remove the dense branches, and shrink the left branches. After trimming, spray stone sulfur agent to reduce the harm of germs in spring.

Pest Control

Prevention is mainly to prevent the prevention and control of stem worms and stem rot. Generally, diseases of diseases and insect pests can be mixed, and drugs such as bacterial spirit, methyl Buerzin are rotated.