The difference between 区 楸 and Zishhu

High degree

Generally, the height of the cricket tree can grow to about 30 meters, but it can only grow to 15-20 meters, so it is easy to distinguish the height.


The crown of the cricket trees is narrow and long ovate, the bark is gray -brown, the canopy is straight, and the main branches are open and stretched. However, the crown of the Zishu is oval, and the bark is brown or yellow -gray.

Different leaves

The leaves of the cricket tree are triangular ovate, the end of the leaf is long, and the branches are gray and hairless. However, the difference between the azi trees is that the leaves are nearly circular, and the length and width of the leaves are almost equal.

Different flowers and fruits

The color of the cricket trees is light pink, with purple -red spots inside, and the trees are infertile by flowers, so they often only bloom and do not bear fruit. The flowering period is in April. The corolla of the Zishu is pale yellow or yellow and white, with yellow stripes inside. The flowering period is longer than the trees.

Different growth habits

The trees are cold -resistant and happy, suitable for fertile and humid soil. The young trees grow slowly, the side roots are more developed, and the ability to resist the harmful gas and have a long life. Zishhu is resistant to cold and cold, and is suitable for growing in temperate areas.

There are other differences in the cricket tree and Zishu. I won’t go into details here. Through the basic differences between the above -mentioned 楸 trees and the Zishu, you can understand that they are actually two different plants.

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