The difference between cherry blossoms and cherries

Different subjects

Both cherry blossoms and cherries are Rosaceae Li Yako, cherry is a genus, and cherry blossoms are cherry blossoms. They are two different plants. Sakura can be divided into two types: single -petal and compound petals. Single -petal classes can bloom and bear fruit, and most of the compound petals are not result. Cherry flowers are flowers of cherry trees, and their fruits are edible cherries. The fruits of cherry trees are called cherry blossoms.

Different use

Cherry is a fruit tree, and cherry blossoms are ornamental flowers. There are differences between the two in terms of appearance and flowering. Cherry is a small tree, the plant is relatively short; its flowering period is in early March; the color of the flowers is slightly pink, smaller and dense than cherry blossoms; after the flowers are strong, the fruit is cherry, and it is red when mature. The cherry blossoms are trees, and their plants are relatively high. The flowering period is from the end of March to early April; the flowers are white or pink; although some varieties of cherry blossoms can also produce fruits, the fruit is very small, and the entrance is very astringent, and it is almost unavailable.

Different plants

“Cherry Blossoms” is a habitual name of such plants since ancient times, so these plants in Chinese plant aspects are named after a certain cherry. This kind of flower blooms, and we now prefer it to call it cherry blossoms, which is the root cause of misunderstanding.

Blossoming time is different

Cherry blooms in early spring, the flowers are open before the growth of the leaves, and the flowering period is similar to white magnolia, earlier than cherry blossoms. And because the cherry blossoms are similar to the cherry blossoms, and the flowers are also open before the long leaves, many tourists misunderstand the two. In fact, cherry blossoms are flowers of cherry trees, and cherry blossoms are cherry trees.

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