The difference between lotus bamboo and rich bamboo

Difference between the two


Fugui bamboo is a kind of ornamental plant belonging to the small tree. It can usually grow to 2 meters, and the branches look slender. It has a lot of branches. Essence The leaves are like bamboo leaves, which are generally relatively growing. The leaves are relatively sharp and the color is thick. The length of the leaves can generally reach more than 20 cm. The petiole is shorter and generally 10 cm. Rich bamboo can bloom and results, the color is purple and black.

The color of lotus bamboo is lighter than rich bamboo. Its stems are round like bamboo, and leaves are like lotus. Lotus bamboo can survive in a dark and humid environment, and the vitality is tenacious. As long as it is properly watered, it can grow healthily and thrive.


Rich bamboo is more suitable for a warm growth environment. When the temperature reaches about 20 degrees, it can grow normally. It is a plant with evergreen evergreen. Too low temperature can easily cause the root to absorb water well, resulting in yellow or long spots, so it is necessary to ensure normal light and temperature.

The temperature of the lotus bamboo is suitable for about 26 to 29 degrees. In winter, the lowest temperature at night can only be above 10 degrees. Lotus bamboo prefers a moist environment. It can be used to grow in a place where it is scattered. It can keep the soil’s breathable and drainability of the soil to grow better and faster.

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