The difference between the heart of Otome and the jade of the rainbow

Color gap

Although the heart of Otome is similar to the jade of the rainbow, it will see the subtle difference between the two from the surface observation. There is a layer of pink on the surface of the Otome heart. The surface of Zhiyu is not pink, it looks very shiny, and there is no miscellaneous color. If it is roughly divided into the heart and the jade, it is enough to virtue of this, but if you want to distinguish between the hearts of the luno and the Hongzhong Zhizhi’s heart from other aspects Jade, or for those who are not obvious for colors, have to consider other aspects.

Sunshine time

No matter how long the aura accepts the light, she will not have a great impact on her own color, and it has always been a little red at the top. When it is getting more and more red, when the day of the day reaches a certain degree, the whole plant of the rain of rain will become red, which looks very stunning. There is also a certain disadvantage, that is, the time required for a long time after judging it, it takes a period of observation.


The surface here is no longer the difference between the surface of the Otome’s heart and the surface of the rainbow jade, but the difference between the surface of the two. The surface of the Otome’s heart looks rough, and the surface of the rainbow jade looks shiny.

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