The difference between the revenue flowers and Zhu Wei, the ripple

The difference between aversion flower and Zhu Wei

Flower form

The flowers of the suspense flowers have two major features: flowers are sag, petals are not open. These two points are the main two points to distinguish the reunion and Zhu Wei.

The flowers of the hanging flowers and Zhu Wei are actually very similar, but after Zhu Wei bloom, the flowers are facing up. Sometimes Zhu Wei is blooming, its flowers look like it is drooping, but if Zhu Yu’s flower support grows up, the flower bud is also growing up, that is, Zhu Weihua. Conversely, if the flowers are overwhelmed, it is a resemble flower.

The flowers of Zhu Wei are blooming, the petals are unfolded, showing the flower. However, the suspense flower did shims to close the petals, only the flower of the flower.

The size of the flowers is different

Simply put, the flowers of the suspense flowers are relatively small, and Zhu Wei’s flowers are relatively large, relatively, Zhu Wei’s flowers are nearly doubled than the suspender.

Difference between aversion flower and ripple

Different leaves

In fact, from the shape of the leaves, the reingflings and ripples are not the same.

The leaf of the resemble is a round elliptical shape, with a leaf tip, it looks more beautiful.

The leaves of the ripple remedy flower are palm, and the leaves are crackled 3 to 5 cracked, and the tip is very sharp.

Flowers are different

The corolla of the resemble flower is funnel, calyx five, looks dense. The flowers are closed when the resemble flowers are blooming. Only the flower sticks out of the petals, the entire flower looks closely close, almost no gap.

The ripple occipitals are large, and the flowers are also clock, and the petals are ovulating, round and curved. The whole flower is slightly closed, it is not so big, there is a brown yellow flower.

The color of the flowers is different

The flowers of the resembled flowers are bright red, the color is very rich, and the flowers of the ripple resemble flowers are yellow, with a purple stripe, and the color is very obvious.

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