Variety of variations of aversion flower

Variety of variations in a resemble flower

One of the main varieties of small avelery flowers and suspenses is a relatively wide plant.

Small suspension flowers are also empty bush. It is about 1 meter high, and the flowers are similar to the resemble, but the flowers are facing up, the flowers are red, the petals is only 3 cm, and the flower is very long and the petals are long and extended out of the petals. The shape is like a small firecracker. Don’t be known as rushing rumors or small robe.

Difference between aversion flower and small suspension flowers

The lottery flower of the resembled flowers is sagging, but the small suspension flower is very different from the renewal flower at this point. The flowers of the small suspension flowers are facing up, not drooping.

The flowers of the resembled flowers are bright red, very beautiful, the petals are longer, 6 cm. The flowers of the small suspension flowers are light red, and the petals is only 3 cents long, relatively short.

Variety of variations of hanging tanks

Potly haedging flowers are another variant of a resemble flower. It also has some similarities and the alone, mainly in the external form of the two.

The overall shape of the powder is very similar, but the corolla is pink of the flour, which is 5 cm, and is treated with vertical shape, and the corolla closure is only labeled in the upper portion. Fului also extends out of the petals.

The flowers of the flour is a flowering period is summer and autumn.

Difference between aversion flower and a hanging toll flower

The biggest difference between the revenue flowers and pink flowers is in the color of the two. One is a bright red, one is delicate pink, each has its own special. Secondly, the upper portion of the spurpothesis of the powder hanging flower is slightly carried out, but it is not obvious.

The flowers and flowers and flowers are different, and the flowers of the powder is shorter.

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