The dormant and precautions from the charming

What is going on with the dormant period of a charming period?

The dormant period comes from the chariometer can explain the following process. When the weather is warming and the temperature is gradually rising, the phenomenon of yellowing and yellowing of leaves will appear. The leaves continue to wither and become bare, preferably only the ball. This is actually the process of dormant.

The dormant period of charming is not very fixed, and there are differences in different climate conditions in different areas. Some chambersters may come to the dormant period earlier, and some may still be very spiritual in the summer. This is determined according to the growth environment of the charming.

Precautions for Fairy Come to Dormation

When the leaves from the chariors are completely withered, after dormant, you can directly place the ball and flower pots in a cool and ventilated place without getting the ball, and pay attention to heatstroke prevention. In the dormant period of the charming, be careful not to fertilize, but you can water it. Generally, the watering method is used to water the pelvic method. But the frequency of watering does not require too high.

Generally, when the temperature gradually decreases, the fermery can germinate again.

Fairy Come to sleep after dormant

Basically, the coment to start germination, indicating that its dormant period is going. Beginning to grow at this time, it can be maintained normally. Re -fertilization, at this time, some phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied.

When the plant comes from the chariors, it can be maintained according to the normal maintenance method.

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