The efficacy and role of sprinkle Jin Rong

The value of the ornamental of Jin Rong

Garden application value

The branches and leaves of Jin Rongsheng are dense and lush. It is a famous leaf -viewing plant, so the value of ornamental is extremely high. In the South China region of my country, sprinkles are often used for gardening to decorate. In addition to the gardening scene, sprinklery Jin Rong is also applicable to the application of bushes by roads, walls, and stone. At the same time, it can also be planted as a green fence or basic planting material.

The reason for sprinkle the golden banyan is the reason for the change of color and shape. It has different colors and gestures in color and shape. It is very beautiful and popular. Therefore, it is often used in the green space and garden beautification in the South China region in my country. It is worth mentioning that the branches and leaves of Jin Rong are the ideal supporting materials for flowers, making flower rings and flower baskets.

Indoor viewing value

Sa Jin Rong is considered to be the leaf -viewing tree with the most color changes in nature. The viewing value is extremely high and very beautiful. It is a common potted plant in the north. Sprinkling Jin Rong is often used in North China and Northeast China to embellish the indoor environment and arrange the case, venue, and hall. In terms of the size of potted plants, medium -sized potted plants are often used in places in halls, venues, restaurants, conference rooms, hotels and other places for decorative ornamental, which adds a vibrant atmosphere to the entire place; The case, the bedroom, the coffee table, etc. add a bright atmosphere to the small space, which is bright and has a role in regulating the mood.

However, it should be noted that the sprinkler Jin Rong should be used as an ornamental. Because the sprinkler Jin Rong is impatient, it needs to control the indoor viewing time. Generally speaking, it can be placed for 2-3 weeks.

The medicinal value of Jin Rong

According to medical verification, the milk of Jinyong is toxic. If human poultry eats the symptoms of poisoning such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and diarrhea if the human poultry eats the juice or leaves of Jinyong. A substance that contains EB toxins, if you touch such substances for a long time, may induce nasopharyngeal cancer. Therefore, farmers and viewers must increase their vigilance to prevent poisoning.