The family breeding method and precautions of Tian Nuhua

The breeding requirements of the heavenly girl


As we all know, the land in the northeast is black land, and the soil is fertile. Therefore, the native “Northeast Flower” -the Tiandi Flower also likes deep and fertile humus -rich soil.

The soil acid and alkali should be slightly acidic, and the pH value is more appropriate between 5 · 5-7.


Tian Nuhua likes a cool environment. Not resistant to high temperature. It grows in a valley above 1000 meters above sea level in a wild environment, and the low temperature of -30 ° C can withstand.

Therefore, Tianshuhua is mainly breeding in northern my country.


Tian Nuhua likes a moist and cool environment. Not resistant to drought.

You should usually observe the plants more, and often water it to maintain a certain humidity. Avoid drought.

Precautions for Tiandi Flower Breeding


The soil can be used for sandy loam soil, forest soil rich in deciduous humus, etc., but be careful not to use alkaline soil. Alkaline soil may cause the death of heaven.


When a family breeding, when the family flowers, you should pay attention to the care of it in the summer during the summer. It cannot be exposed to sunlight and keeps ventilating appropriately.

From the perspective of climate, Tiannihua is more suitable for breeding in high altitude mountainous areas in the north or south.


It should be light with fertilizer and should not be too thick. The humus contained in the soil itself can provide good nutrients.