The growth habits of different varieties of ivy

The habit of cutrants ivy

Macular leaf ivy is a type of ivy. It likes bright light and is more afraid of direct light. Under direct light, the color of the leaves will fade and will be severely burned. Therefore good.

Macular leaves Changchun vine likes humidity, and the drought resistance is poor. When the air humidity is low, it is easy to dry. It likes a cool environment. It can be cold -resistant to high temperatures. The suitable temperature for growth is between 18 ° C -22 ° C. The soil requirements are not high, and it is fertile and rich in humus.

The habit of Ivy in the UK

Ivy in the UK likes light and can be directly shining with light resistance, but the leaf color will not be clear. Therefore, it is good in the semi -yin environment, but it is easy to grow too weak in light. Ivy in the UK likes a warm environment. The suitable temperature for high temperature growth is between 18 ° C -20 ° C and can be cold -resistant. The requirements for soil are not high.

The habit of Ivyevo, Japan

Japanese Ivy vines like bright light, which can resist semi -yin and not tolerate sunlight. Like a moist environment, and the air is required to be humid. The temperature needs to be kept between 17 ° C -21 ° C, and the temperature of the winter should not be lower than 6 ° C. The growth environment requires good ventilation.

Gamanli ivy’s habit

Ganari ivy requires bright light, which is strong but not tolerated. Like a warm climate but not cold to resist. The suitable growth temperature is 18 ° C -20 ° C, and it should be maintained above 8 ° C in winter.

The soil requires looseness and fertile and good drainage.