Cactus water fertilizer management

How does the cactus control fertilization

The growth season of the immortal ball can be properly fertilized, and the fertilizer should choose the thin fertilizer of the rustedness, and every 10-15 days will be administered once.

After entering the autumn, pay attention to control of fertilizer, only need to fertilize each month, you can stop fertilization in the autumn time, otherwise the immortal growth will result in winter frostbite.

When fertilizing to the cactus, be careful not to get the fertilizer to the ball. If it is stained, it needs to be sprayed with water in time.

How to control watering

The watering of the fairy ball is preferably not watering from its top, otherwise it will produce extremely ugly spots in this case, in general, watering should be water, so it is necessary to work with soil, so that the pot soil can be uniformly absorbed Water, to ensure the healthy growth of plants.

Summer is the most prosperous season in the fairy ball. At this time, the temperature is high, and the heat should be increased, which should be carried out at low temperature in the morning and evening. At noon, heat will cause the sphere burns, and should keep the humidity around the fairy.

High temperature plum rain weather is properly watering, do not poult water to the top of the cactus ball, otherwise it will cause rot. Water should be rolled in winter, and the most suitable at a sunny weather at noon.

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