There is a bowl of lotus at home, and the fish is in the lower reaches of the flowers.

Bowlin breeding method:

Seed treatment

The shell of the seedlings of the bowl of lotus is relatively hard and dense, so it needs to be processed before sowing. Before soaking, it can be artificially broken.

The method of breaking the mouth is very simple. One of the lotus seeds has a small sharp tip, while the other end is round. It can be placed on the rough cement floor or use a small knife to wear it. But be careful not to hurt the benevolence in the lotus seeds, and you should not peel off the shell directly.


After the lotus seeds break the mouth, the seeds can be soaked to germination, and the seeds of the broken shell are placed in warm water of about 20-40 ° C. Then change the water 2 to 3 times a day. Generally, there will be a sign of germination after 2 days, and the buds will be one centimeter in about 5 days. At this time, you can give the bowl of lotus properly to the sun to accelerate the growth of bowl lotus.

Period transplantation stage

When transplanting, you can choose a bottomless pottery pot or plastic flower pot. Add rural soil or polluting river pond mud to the pot, and soak water for two weeks in advance. Do not fertilize.

When transplanting, the fine roots of small lotus seedlings can be pressed into the mud, each potted plant, add an appropriate amount of water after transplanting, and use the water to drown the small lotus leaves as a degree.

You can buy sand from the aquarium and sprinkle the sand on the mud. Sprinkle the water until the entire tank is sprinkled evenly. With the sand, the water will soon become clear. After changing to clean water, you can raise a few small fish in the pot. The fish can eat the insects in the water. The excrement can be fat. The fish is in the lower reaches of the flowers.

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