These flowers are so easy to raise, just throw the water

1. Water insertion gardenia flowers


1. Cut the gardenia flowers about 10 cm, and remove the lower leaves of the cuttings. ▼

2. Prepare water in the plastic bottle, insert the branches in, and change the water after the water becomes turbid. At this temperature, the root system can be seen in about 2 weeks. ▼

(Picture Author: chenminyang197 Source: Gardenia Blossom Bar) 3. Put the rooted branches, pour water, and then put it in a cool place for about 2 to 4 days, slow the seedlings, finally get normal maintenance outdoors, see water, see see See wetting, sun -exposed the sun. ▼

2, water inserts touch the fragrance


Touching the incense is really growing too fast, you need to trim it regularly. Don’t throw it casually if you cut it ~ ▼

1. Put the cut branches in a cool place, and then insert it directly into the water. Put it in a place with sufficient light. Pay attention! The branches inserted into the water must not have leaves! ▼

(Picture Author: Felicity921 Source: Sina Blog) Replace the water once every 2, 2 ~ 3 days to ensure the cleaning of the water quality. After the branches are long root, move it to the flower pot to plant. ▼

(Picture Author: Fish Enter the Sea 70 Source: Flower)

3. Water plug crab claw orchid


1. Select the strong crab claw orchid branches, 7 ~ 8 cm. Cut it with a sharp blade to ensure smooth the incision and dry it in a cool and ventilated place for 1 to 2 days. ▼

2. Put the crab claw orchid that has been dried into the hydroponic container. There is no one -fourth of the cuttings. Do not flood it. ▼

3. Put the cut -off crab claws in a bright place. Now the temperature is high and it is easy to breed bacteria. It is best to change the water once every 2 days. When you change the water, clean the bottle wall. ▼

4. After rooting, you can transplant it directly into the flower pot. Of course, you can continue to hydroponic.

4. Mint water insertion


1. Choose branches with strong growth, no pests and insect pests. After all, the stronger the branches, the higher the survival rate, and the possibility of rooting! ▼

2. Cut a section of about 10 cm mint branches and almost have almost three nodes. Remember to be sharp and sterilize with alcohol. ▼

3. Cut off the bottom leaves, put it in a cool place and wait for the wound to dry, and then put the mint branches in the hydroponic container. ▼

4. Put the hydroponic mint in bright light and good ventilation. For example, in the living room, you can change the water once every 2 days. After a period of time, you can see the white root system, super simple! ▼

5. After the mint root is grown, you can transplant it directly into the flower pot. Remember that the soil needs to be loose ~ You can use nutrient soil+vermiculite (or other granular soil). ▼

5. Water insertion Changshouhua


1. Choose the longevity flower branches after the top of the top, and push the top bud. ▼

2. Cut a hard paper board according to the proportion of the container opening into a round shape, and then dig three holes. ▼

3. Insert the three longevity flowers into the small hole, fix it, and then put it on the water cup. The water level in the water cup must just be exposed to the bottom of the cuttings ~ ▼ ▼

About 2 to 3 weeks, the root system will grow. The tender and tender are very happy. ▼

5. The prepared soil must be loose and breathable. You can add some granules to the prepared soil, such as vermiculite, perlite, etc. ▼

6. After the basin, the longevity flowers need to be relieved in the cool place for 2 days, and then you can move to a place with sufficient light to maintain it. Remember to see the dry and wet when watering ~ ▼

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