How to pour flowers in cool water

Can it be used to pour flowers

A large amount of gas molecules are discharged from boiling water to change the structure order of the water molecules, and it is closer to the structural order of water molecules in the flower plant cells, and it is easy to be absorbed by plant cells.

Do you need to dilute

After boiling water, you can pour flowers without dilution.

How to pour flowers in cool water

Pour cold water directly on the root of the plant or spray it on the plant’s leaves, but it cannot be used for long -term use of cold water to pour flowers. Because the oxygen content of cold water is small, it is not good for the breathing of the plant root system.

Applicable flowers in cool water

Liangkai water is applicable to most flowers, which can make the flowers and leaves of the flowers lush, promote the flowers of flowers early, and use cool boiling water to pour the bamboo can also promote its branches and leaves.

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