These kinds of flowers are easily exposed to death in summer


In the summer, hydrangea needs to be shaded, because its demand for light is not very high, short -day shine, if the light is too strong, the growth of the plant will be greatly affected. flowering.

Therefore, in summer, you must pay attention to shading, just keep scattering light every day.


If you cultivate a gentleman in summer, you still need to shade, and generally keep scattered light.

Clivia will be half dormant in summer. At this time, it has less demand for light. It should be properly shade and keep ventilation.


From the perspective of growth habits, it prefers scattering light. It does not need to have too much light during breeding. In summer, keep scattered light every day or directly shade.

Wenzhu is very afraid of exposure, and exposure can easily lead to yellow leaves.


Bound taro is a very common indoor leaf -viewing plant. It has many varieties and is also common in indoor farming. It is generally suitable for shading environments. Note that it cannot be exposed for a long time, and it is easy to die.

Bybal taro in summer should pay attention to shading and ventilation, and moisturizing and suitable humidity.

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