Waterfare grass breeding method and precautions

Sowing method

Sowing time

The windbell grass is a cooked plant, it is best to grow in the summer, after growing in winter, the entire growth process can be completed in spring. In this process, the illumination time should be at least 14 hours a day, about 30 days can flow, and the viewing period will be longer.

Small seedlings

After the seedlings, the small seedlings can be transplanted when the small seedlings grow, and you can choose a light pot. Note during planting, do not break the root system. If the small seedlings are around 5 cm, it can be ported to a flower pot of about 10 cm. After the root is full of bizins, it will carry out the ball, so that 2 to 3 times, it can harves the basin of the basin.

Farming method

Watering and fertilization

The small seedlings of the bell flowers ensure higher humidity, often watering, if necessary, can cover the upper vermiculite on the seedlings. However, when watering is watered, don’t bump small seedlings, so as to avoid the flow of small seedlings.

Want to promote it rapidly grow, apply calcium fertilizer appropriately, then apply this on the basis.

Photosynthetic maintenance

Wind bells like long-suede, daily lighting can be naturally blooming for 14 hours. If you want to flow in advance, you only need to perform dark treatment 30 days before flowering, 4 hours a day.

It does not need to control the strain, it is short, and the appearance of the early windbell grass will compare, do not give trim, let it grow slowly, and natural will naturally be neat.



The windbell can be blossomed after two winter, so cultivation requires patience, especially the hot weather in the summer, is easy to cause the wall of the plant.


Potted windbells cannot be placed on the back of the high-rise building, preventing exposure, and to strengthen the water spray and cooling of the leaves in time. It is also a positive plant, so it cannot be placed in a cool place for a long time, lacks light.

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