What are the colors of roses

Red rose

Basically, red roses are the most common roses. It is a very common flower cut, and it is also a flower that expresses love between lovers. In fact, the real red roses do not exist. The cut flowers on the market are actually rose flowers, and the red roses in flower tea are mostly Pingyin roses.

Yellow rose

Yellow Rose is also a common flower, elegant posture, bright colors, and use it to express friendship. In fact, most of the yellow roses in cut flowers are mostly one of the rose of flowers.

purple Rose

Purple roses are also a variety of roses. Its flowers are relatively small, but the aroma is relatively strong. Purple roses have many effects, including beauty and regulating the human body.

White Rose

White roses are also a kind of rose that cannot be forgotten. It likes light to be afraid of cold. When breeding, it will be good with loose and fertile neutrality or slightly acidic soil growth. In fact, most of the common cut flowers and white roses are white rose.

black Rose

Black roses are actually black rose flowers. There are two common cut flowers in black rosewood. Each has its own unique shape and ornamental.

Green rose

According to legend, the green rose comes from Israel, also known as Bihai Yuntian. However, the real green rose does not exist, and the green rose in the flower is actually a rose flower.

Orange rose

Orange rose is also a variety of roses. Its flower language is friendship and youthful beauty.

blue Rose

A genetically modified rose of the blue rose is implanted with genes that can produce blue, so the petals are blue.

The blue demon girl is not a blue rose, but the artificial dyed rose dyed the white rose into blue.

Colorful rose

Colorful roses are also a kind of rose produced by coloring, and it also changes from white roses. When cultivating, add pigment and fuel to the water. When the petals absorb water, it will become this colorful color.