What are the misunderstandings of potted strawberry watering?

I’m afraid of the water, so I pour a little bit a little every day

Water is a wet soil but often watering (watering every day), so that the pot soil does not dry for a long time, which can easily lead to rotten seedlings. Some people will only pour a little water each time, which will make the upper layer of the pot soil moist. However, the bottom soil of the pot soil is still dry. Don’t go.

The correct method is: each watering must be poured through, the pot soil is dry and then watering, and it is very effective to water with the potting method.

Afraid of seedlings, so spray water every day

When the planting was first planted, many people liked to spray water on the leaves with a watering pot. They were afraid that the leaves would be ravaged. Some people even sprayed water every day after slowing the seedlings. As a result, Miao Xin was darkened. High -temperature spraying water to the leaves can easily cause strawberry anthracnose. Speaking of leaves will also cause it to be lazy to absorb water from the soil, which is not conducive to the development of new roots.

Water and leaves are poured together during watering

Strawberries and vegetables are different. The leaf drizzling water is easy to get sick, especially when the temperature is high (above 28 ° C), it will induce anthracnose. Once the strawberry gets anthracnose, it will definitely die if the medicine is not used. Therefore, try to avoid pouring on the leaves when watering, but the planting environment is too dry for a long time, and it is easy to get red spiders. Therefore, occasionally sprouting leaves during watering (especially the temperature is low), but the flower and fruit period should not be poured as much as possible. In addition, watering must be poured enough. As long as the pot soil is not dry, avoid watering every day.

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