What are the types of immortals?


Classification from the appearance

The fairy ball can be divided into: velvet, sputum, treasure, hair column, strong stab, sea urchin, top flower class.

Classification from a glitch

The fairy ball can be divided into: long hair, short hair, thin hair, hair, these kinds of red, yellow, golden, etc. in colors.


Golden Crown Cactus

Golden Crown Cactus likes sunshine, dry, warm growth environment. Suitable temperature is between 15-30 ° C, the current Golden Crown is more common in the market, is a kind of difficulty cultivation in the cultured cactus. It is recommended that novices do not try.

Jin Hu Xianren Ball

Jinhu is called a yellow thorns, which is the type of immortal ball between the immortal branches. This is the most charming in the fairy. It has a golden spheres and steel hardbone. The diameter of the sphere can be about 1 meter, and the top of the sphere is densely born with golden fluff. The plant is robust, and the sunshine growing environment.

Golden finger fairy ball

The golden fingers are beautiful and fascinating, one of the most ideal decorations of home decoration. White is not slow, yellow, soft thorn, and a man’s finger. It exitss lion-like vitality that can bring you sufficient self-confidence and strength.

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