What is China’s national flower?

Legends, China’s national flowers are peony. In fact, China’s national flowers are not sure, what is this?

Selection conditions

According to the 2004th, the Eighth Conference of the National People’s Congress, “Suggestions on the Assessment of my country”, the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Chinese Flower Association is responsible for the specific organization. China Huatong Community is organized in the country to organize extensive extensive selection of national flowers. The establishment of the national flower selection leading group, discussed by the expert group, identified the national flower selection conditions:

The cultivation has a long history, strong adaptability, has an impact in most parts of my country, leading the world.

Characteristics such as flowers, color color reflect the excellent tradition and character characteristics of the Chinese nation.

It is widely used, and it is a high social, environmental and economic benefits for the broad masses of the people.

What are the candidates?

Since the establishment of the national flower discussion in the whole country since the China Flower Association, the “China Flower News” has been published in many famous people and the masses to carry out a warm discussion. According to the “China Flower News”, nominated as a variety of Chinese national candidates: plum, peony, chrysanthemum, orchid, rose, rhododendron, carava, lotus, osmanthus, Chinese daffodil, pomegranate, bacmet, spring, peach blossom, Yingshan red, gentlemanland, hemer grass, gold flower tea, Jinbian Ruixiang, Ziwei, a pigeon flower, and a string of dozens of dozens of strings and British flowers. After nearly ten months discuss, the task has been successfully completed.

Peony leader

According to the results of 31 provinces (including Shenzhen Special Zone), it is in favor of a country – flowers.

(Peony) has L8 provinces, accounting for 58.06%. A country, four flowers (peony, plum, chrysanthemum, lotus) have 11 provinces, accounting for 35.48%. There are 2 provinces to propose new four-flower programs, ie, with orchids, accounting for 6.45%. After careful research, the national national flower selection leading group has agreed to “Peony” is the national flower of my country.

Other nochids (spring), lotus (summer), chrysanthemum (autumn), plum blossom (winter) is the Chinese four seasons. In this way, Lan (Spring), Heave (Summer), Chrysanthemum (Autumn), Mei (Winter) Four Seasons are divided into Hua, the general community is a peony. The national flower and the four seasons have formed a state of the moon, and it is not more reflected in the spirit of the Chinese nationality and prosperity, clean and strong, and noble.

Although the voice is very high, the peony has not been established as China’s national flower!

After nearly ten months of discussion: numerous national flower candidates, plum, peony, chrysanthemum, orchid, rose, rhododendrons, camellia, lotus, osmanthus, narcissus, pomegranate, bacmetan, spring, peach blossom, Yingshan red, gentlemanland, grass, Golden flower tea, Jinbian Ruixiang, Ziwei, gardenia flower, a string red, hibiscus flower. However, the National People’s Congress is shelved by “Different”.

September 20, 205, most representatives supported the peony, and plum blossoms were “double national flowers” in our country. But there is also different opinions, highlight “one country and one flower”, once again.

Once “plum blossoms and peony” each won, but why “Mudan only unique flower” is only?

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