What is flower fat


Flower fertilizer is a type of substance that provides nutrient elements required for plant growth, improves the nature of soil, and improves soil fertility. Whether the application of flower fertilizers can directly affect the growth and development of flowers.

Types of flower fertilizer

Flower fertilizer is generally divided into organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer.

Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers mainly include human excretion, poultry and animal feces, and various cakes, such as bean cakes, etc., which contain elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. When applying organic fertilizer, it is necessary to ferment first, and fertilizer can easily damage the root of the flower.

Inorganic fertilizer

Inorganic fertilizer is also called chemical fertilizer. It has high nutrient content, fast fertilizer, and easy to apply. However, long -term application of chemical fertilizers can easily make the soil plate. The fertilizer with too high concentration will damage the roots of the flower. After applying chemical fertilizers, it must be irrigated immediately.

How to use flower fertilizer

Flower fertilizer fertilizer is divided into base fertilizer and topdressing.

base fertilizer

The fertilizer used before planting flower seedlings is called base fertilizer. If you plant flowers in the open field, mix the base fertilizer in the soil before reinstated soil. When planting potted flowers indoors, you can put base fertilizer such as bean cake and fish bone powder on the bottom of the pot.

top dressing

The fertilizers for the growing season of the flower seedlings are called topdressing. When planting flowers in the open field, you can apply dry fertilizer around the flower seedlings, or you can directly water the feces. Potted flowers can be split on the surface of the pot soil to dry the soil and loose soil.

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