What is peat soil

Brief introduction

Peat soil refers to the cultivation soil made of “peat” as the main ingredient, and peat is a low -lying land that has accumulated for many years after the death of various plants in the swamp, and is mostly distributed in low -lyinglands in cold and humid areas.


There are not only a large amount of plant residues in peat soil, but also contain higher organic matter such as humus, cellulose, and lignin.



First, the nutrients of peat soil are sufficient, and the texture is soft and breathable;

Second, the water preservation capacity of peat soil is strong, and the spores and eggs are not harmful and oyster;

Third, peat soil can be used as soil regulators.


First, if the plants are used for peat soil separately, the soil will be knotted for a long time, which will make it difficult for the root system of the plant to breathe.And when the glue is glorified, the water is leaked directly from the bottom of the pot.

The second is that the mining of peat soil will destroy the wetland and is not conducive to the protection of the ecological environment.

Applied plant

Pot soil is used for potted flowers to mix and use it when using soil, and can also be used to cultivate plants such as flesh, camellia, and azaleas.

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