What is the difference between bonsai and potted plants?

represents what


The term potted plant is very simple, a flower pot, a soil, putting the plant species in, unrelated, is a pot of ordinary.


The meaning of the bonsai rises to the particle cultural level, which is a traditional art in my country. The bonsai uses materials such as plants, mountains, soil, water. After art creation, I show me natural beauty. The bonsai is usually divided into two categories of stump bonsai and landscape bonsai, consisting of three elements, pots, racks, and all three of them are uniform. People use the bonsai as a silent poem.

What’s the difference

Plant styling

The plant of the bonsai is generally strictly processed and produced into various art. The potted retention of the plants have the original growth state, and there is no shape.


The bonsai generally uses high ornained flower pots, the shape is more elliptical, rectangular, such as a purpless basin, a lazer, ceramic basin. The potted plants are generally selected in a circular, square, and other forms, the material is generally a mud pottery, plastic, relatively simple.


The bonsai is generally artistic, and each location has special design, with mountain stone, accessories, and a high-level mood. The potted plant is just a simple planting, there is nothing else, and it is rarely with small objects.

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