Is it really valid for vinegar to raise flowers?

Eating vinegar can be used to raise flowers

Eating vinegar to raise flowers, first of all, it can be used to cultivate some leaf -viewing plants. These plants often appear dust on the leaves, the surface is dark, and it looks not good -looking. At this time, you can wipe the leaves of the plant to wipe the leaves of the plant or spray the wet leaves directly, which will make the leaves bright and bright.

Secondly, you can eat vinegar with acidic flowers. Vinegar is acidic. When some people are raising flowers, due to the problem of water quality, the soil is alkalized, and the leaves are yellow. At this time, they can be poured with vinegar to change the alkaline of the soil and make it acid.

The last point is that vinegar is sterilized and has a certain sterilization effect. Watering with vinegar can prevent flowers from being infected by fungi, preventing pests, and plants better.

Taboo use of flowers with vinegar

When we use vinegar to pour flowers, pay attention to see the ingredients.

If vinegar contains acetic acid, there are many other substances. If it contains more sodium chloride, it cannot be used to pour flowers. It is also very unsuitable for flowers that like acidic flowers.

Secondly, vinegar cannot be poured directly, and water is needed to be diluted with water. Generally, the proportion is good at 1:20. The best ratio is 1:50.

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