What is the difference between the Northeast Red Drow and the Southern Ewida

Differences in efficacy

Southern Equise

The southern red beans have more effects, but most of them are mainly health care. The southern red beans can treat kidney diseases, as well as diabetes, elimination of edema, unfavorable urination, gonorrhea, etc., and he can also treat women with irregular menstruation, postpartum blood stasis, dysmenorrhea and other conditions.

Equipment in the northeast

The main effect is to repair the body tissue destroyed by cancer.

The difference between the growth environment

Southern Equise

Mainly grows under the type of warmth zone and subtropical climate. I like a cool and humid environment. It often grows in the cool and humid environment of the hinterland of the mountain. The minimum temperature that can be adapted has reached about 10 degrees Celsius. Southern Equipment has high requirements for soil, like acidic and slightly acidic soil, like yellow soil, yellow brown soil.

Northeast Equise

I like the cool and humid and fat environment, but the northeast red beans are not high in soil, and basically can be adapted. The low temperature resistance capacity of the Northeast Red Sanda is even more amazing. Essence Northeast Red Drows is resistant to low temperature and high temperature. When the growth temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius, it will slow down or even stagnate.

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