What is the flower?

One pointers are also called ivory, old to come, Christmas flowers, Christmas red, orangutan wood, is a plants of Euphorba.

A pilot red originating in the Tasco region of Mexico, a red flower used in Christmas. The colorful color is very hot, it is very suitable for festive festive atmosphere, often cutting flowers or potted plants for ornamental. In recent years, it has also cultivated many new varieties in recent years.


Main variety

1, a white (ecke “SWHITE), sepal milk white.

2, a piece of powder (rosea), pink bracts.

3, a lint of yellow (Lutea), yellow bracts.

4, deep red, a pit, red, dark red.

5, triploidy (ECKESPOINTC-1), sessate leaves, bright red.

6, heavy flaps, Plenissima, leaves, green, red, heavy flap.

7, Henrietta, Henriettaecke, sessate, heavy petals, outer sepals, upright, very beautiful.

8, Plenissimaecke “sflamingsphere), sepal blood red, heavy petals, sepals, roll, grow, slow growth.

9, whitening a pilot red (Variegata), leaf pallies green, white streak, red sepals.

10, Miss Paul, Mrs.Paulecke, Ye Wan, Leaves, Sessions.

11, Festive Red, Dwarf, Bracts, bright red.

12, Petoyred, the bracts wide, dark red.

13, SuccessRed, leaf, red.

14, orange redlo (Orangeredlilo), large, orange red.

15, Pearl (Pearl), yellow bracts.

16, Pichacho, shorten, leaf deep green, dark bracts, no hormone treatment.


One Penned Red is the birthday flower on December 25, which is the birth of Christ. Its flower is oasis. The fruit of the leaves of the other trees fall, only this tree is still lush, and the red fruit is brought.

Anyone who is born by this flower blessing is a good heart of comfort. It is said that if this kind of heart is pointed to a particular person, he (she) will immediately become your captive.

How to raise

One product red is warm, moist and sufficient light. Do not resist low temperature, for typical short-range plants. Strong light direct and lack of light is unfavorable.

Do not have water, keep the pot soil moist.

The short sunlight can be bloom in advance.

The cold-resistant resistance is weak, East China, North China, greenhouse cultivation, must be moved to the greenhouse before the frost, otherwise the temperature is low, easy to leave, deciduous, etc.

Winter temperature cannot be less than 5 ° C, preferably from 16-18 ° C.

The water requirements are strict, the soil is too wet, and it is easy to cause the root to rot, deciduous leaves.

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