What kind of soil is used for potted camellia

Soil principle

The choice of soil is very important in potted tea. First of all, we must ensure that it is loose and breathable, good drainability and rich in organic matter.

Generally, when configuring the soil, pay attention, the ingredients are simpler, not too complicated. In the early stage, we must raise the roots first, and the roots are well -raised to grow well.

Note that the root system of camellia is not suitable for big fertilizer. Generally, the newly purchased camellia should use vegetarian soil.

What can

Generally, when choosing the soil, you can choose a corn and soak it with water for a period of time.

Yellow sand soil and red sand soil can go to the mountains to dig. You can also dig a little vegetarian soil, which is the soil that has not been planted. Pine needles can also be used, just dig out under the pine tree.

After preparing the soil, do not rush to mix and store them separately.

Preparation method

Mixing the wood chips and the plant ash, and the fertilizer is mixed with water to rot it, it takes about 6-8 months. When the rotten fermentation, it must be turned once a month and sprinkle the water appropriately.

After rotten, add yellow sand soil and other mixes, and then continue to rot.

Secondly, the yellow sand soil can be mixed with pine needles and cornography, and it can be rotted with baggage. It will be a little longer, and generally it takes about a year. However, the soil contains sufficient nutrients and loose. For camellia, it is very conducive to the growth of the root system.

Secondly, you can also choose the soil dedicated to Clivia to breeding.

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