What kinds of varieties of horsluces

Colorful horn

Colorful horsluces are European and American and Japan’s most popular garden colored leaf species, which can only view the leaves and flowers, in line with the requirements of Chinese garden applications on new varieties, with market potential.

Colorful hooded wood leaflets and flexible, most mutual, lanceles to inverted coat, or long elliptical, serrated. The tender shift is often red, bronze, copper, orange or yellow.

The colorful leaves of the colors are unique, and the white flowers are born in the total or cone, like a bell-shaped. Inflorescence or axillary, upright or sag. Flower is white, sometimes pink, with aroma. Flowers from 2 to May, calyx yellow green or yellowish brown, sometimes light brown.

Beautiful horse drunk wood

Beautiful horsluces, small trees, born in evergreen broad-leaved forests, pine forest or forest fence. The branches are cylindrical, hairless, and there are leaflets on the branches; the winter buds are smaller, the ovoid is circular, and there is no hair outside the scales.

The total sequence is born in the branied leaves, or sometimes a cone flower, 4-10 cm long, more than 20 cm or more; pediced is soft.

Sepals wide, white, about 3 mm; white, manda-like, outer fluff, top 5 split, pneumatic patch is blunt circular; stamens 10, floral line, long about 4 mm, white silk, flower yellow . Sub-room flat, hairless, flower column is about 5 mm long, small, head.

Plain leaves

Petice leaves are also known as plaque leaves, native China and Japan. Hi wet, half-yin environment, cold-resistant, afraid of strong light, soil, soil, soil, soil, good, water, water, is good.

Evergreen bush. Total or cone flower, axillary. Corolla manda to cylindrical organ, sag, white or slightly pink; flower post and corolla.


The long hooded wood is a kind of azalea. Burrow, bark gray brown, longitudinal, small branches, slightly flexible; winter buds are not seen.

Leaves, leather Flowers from 4 to June, fruits from January to September. Produced in Fujian, Guangdong, Hong Kong, China. Born in the shrub.

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