When will Ji coral bloom

When will Ji coral bloom

Ji Coral starts from planting or when cutting, and it must be bloomed for three years. If it is a seed reproduction, it will take five years to bloom, but the good planting will bloom in advance.

The flowering period of Ji Coral is generally in the midsummer, so the beauty of flowers at that time was really beautiful and rich.

Ji Coral’s flowers are yellow, fresh and pleasant, and have a faint fragrance. The flowers open the petals like lotus flowers, and they are yellow from the inside out.

Ji Coral’s flowering maintenance

Light management

Ji Coral prefers the sun, so when the growth period, you must give foot light, especially when the flowers bloom, because you need to consume a lot of nutrients, you must put it in a place with light during the flowering period.

Fertilization watering management

Ji Coral is a plant that avoids fertilizer fertilizer. Applying fertilizers can easily rot the roots of Ji coral, so try to apply less or not. In the spring and late summer and early autumn Two rotten bakers can be used.

Ji Coral’s breeding pot soil is suitable for drought and is not suitable for humidity. If it is too wet for a long time, it will cause rotten the root of the plant, affecting the healthy growth of the entire plant.

In terms of watering and fertilization, you must be careful to avoid damage to the root of the plant, so fertilization and watering must be on time and amount.

Do well in these aspects and it is conducive to flowering.

Transplant management

When transplantation, it is generally performed during the growth period, so you must pay attention not to hurt the rhizomes when transplantation, so as not to affect the flowers.

The above is the method that Xiaobian knows. I wish your Ji coral bloom early and see its face.