When will pomegranate flowers bloom?

When will pomegranate flowers open?

The pomegranate flowering period is concentrated in spring and summer, in May of each year -July.Pomegranate flowers generally began to germinate in the late March, buds began in the middle and late April, and bloomed in May. By June, it was the flowering period of the pomegranate flower. The flowering period in early July ended.After the flowering period is over, the pomegranate flower will begin to result.

Pomegranate flowering form

Pomegranate flowers are actually very beautiful. In ancient times, there was the name of a beautiful woman with a pomegranate skirt. It can be seen that its beauty.When the pomegranate flowers bloom, there will be several small flowers on the branches, which is very beautiful.The flowers of the pomegranate flower have a single petal and a double petal, and the colors are more gorgeous.

Pomegranate flowering picture appreciation