When will Wan Shouju bloom

Flowering period

Under normal circumstances, the flowering period of Wanshouju is in summer and autumn, and normal is between July 10 and September 25. The core of its flower core is generally partially open or unobtrusted.

Because the technology is very mature now, they can sow in a year, so its flowering time is not fixed. Generally, if it is sown in spring, the flowering period is in summer and summer sowing, and its flowering period is autumn.

The method of manual regulation and control can make them open at the time required, so that the needs of different tourists and tourists in different regions can be better met, that is, the value of ornamental value has also been greatly enhanced.

Flower mining points

After speaking of their flowering period, let’s briefly understand its mining method. When harvesting Wanshouju, the flowers must be mature, there must be no water droplets on the flowers, and it must be intact and not broken. Its stem length cannot exceed 1 cm. Picking time, the interval between picking should not be less than seven days, and it cannot be picked on a cloudy day.


The stems of this flower are more upright and thick. There will be cracks on the leaves. The length of the leaves is generally between 5cm and 10cm, and the width is between 4cm and 8cm. The inflorescence is generally blooming separately. The flower diameter is 5cm to 8cm. The flowers are generally opened at the top of the stalk. The tongue -shaped flower is generally yellow or dark orange. The corolla of the tubular flower is yellow.

The above is all the content introduced by Xiaobian. Are you already clear? Friends who are not busy can choose to enjoy it in the flowering period of Wanshouju!