1 drop of oil in the pot, spend 1 month burst pot, 10 years without yellow leaves

What kind of oil can be used?

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First of all, the oil mentioned here is the eaten oil that can be eaten by humans or the oil that has been used. died.

However, the edible oil at home is too distressed. It is best to use the waste oil in the range hood, as well as the scum filtered out of the oil after fried things, or the fried oil.

What kind of flowers can be used?

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It is best to use more fat flowers, such as rose, Clivia, Tie Lotus, etc. These plants take a lot of nutrients when blooming, so the demand for fertilizers is very large.

Huahua summarized the situation of Huayou’s use of waste oil. Huayou A: My grandma is directly poured into the pelvis of the old age. The long and furious, the wild leaves of the old man in the wild pot seem to be really fat, but it is sticky. Huayou B: I use the oil of the range hood to make fertilizers for longevity and geranium. After a few years, the effect is very good to suggest that when the landlord is fertilized, stay away from the root. Huayou C: My Clivia has always used the waste oil of the range hood, piercing a few holes along the place of the pot wall, and then submitting the oil into it. I counted 15 buds. Today, it seems that there are another two small buds that come out, which is very powerful! Huayou D: Regarding oil, I heard my mother say that she buried lard in the box of the rose flowers, and the flowers that were opened are still very large. I haven’t used the oil what the oil said. It is estimated that the reason is the same. It should be good for flowering plants. Summary by flower friends, the flowers of waste oil can be used: Changchun flowers, longevity flowers, blue snowflakes, crab claw orchids, Clivia, beauty cherry blossoms, geranium, banglan, iron wire lotus, pomegranate, honeysuckle.

How to use these oils?

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How to use 1:

Dosage: It must be less, about half a spoon or 1 spoon is enough. Usage: Take the rose as an example, near the edge of the rose flower pot, poke out a hole with a small wooden stick, then pour the prepared waste oil in, and then cover it with the soil to compact it.

The purpose of buried in the soil is to avoid small bugs when microorganisms break down waste oil ~

How long does it take to use: Because the decomposition of waste oil is relatively long, the interval is best. If it is not diluted, it can be used once for about half a year.

How to use 2:

During the water, use a small box of range hoods to waste oil and mix the water of a plastic bucket.

When used, it can be poured along the edge of the flower pot, but it cannot be poured every time, and it can be poured once a month or two.

How to use 3:

Some filtered oil residues can be buried directly into the bottom of the flower pot and used as a bottom fertilizer.

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