8 succulents that are the easiest to explode pots

Zishe Lianhua

The simplest method of Zi Lianhua is cutting. It is easy to explode the pot. Put the seedlings alone on the surface of the soil. After rooting, insert it in the soil, or you can use leaves to cut. In summer, the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, and it will enter the dormant period.

Ji Xing Beauty

Ji Xingmei can reproduce with the method of division, cuttings, leaf plants, and sowing. The time can be selected from February to May. The best temperature grows between 13 degrees and 23 degrees.

Guanyin Lotus

Guanyinlian can reproduce in the way of divisions and cuttings. The best time to reproduce is summer and the temperature is high. The best temperature grows between 20 degrees and 30 degrees.

Roll silk

Sleeping silk silk can be reproduced in the form of divisions, branches, and leaf insertions. The growth rate of roll silk is extremely fast, and the optimal temperature grows at the fastest growth between 15 degrees and 25 degrees.

Purple rice granules

The breeding method of purple rice grains is simple and rude, as long as the part of the plant falls in the soil can be survived.


Among the several ways to reproduce in the beads, cuttings are the simplest and easiest to explode. For Buddha beads, rooting is easy. The weather is hot in summer, the temperature exceeds 35 degrees, and the growth rate will decrease significantly.


You can use leaf cutting, stem plug, and cutting. The best temperature grows between 10 degrees and 28 degrees. The top of Hongzhiyu’s flesh is really pleasing after turning red.

Ji Qiuli

Ji Qiuli is the most easily multi -succulent, and can be reproduced in various ways. The tenderness of pink and tenderness has germinated how many people’s hearts.

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