What kinds of varieties of gardenia flowers

Big leaf scorpion

Also called the big flower gardenia, is a variety of gardenia, the leaves are large and hypertrophy, and the flowers are rich.The plant is higher, the application is more common in the garden, and the ordinary family long decorative courtyard or is as for the door.


Also known as the tongue, the plant is relatively small, small flowers, and the branches are constantly showing, the leaves are small and narrow, heavy flaps.

Huang Zizi

Another mountain gardenia is a wild variety of gardenia.The blade is slightly small, the flower single petals, the autumn noodles, the orange red fruit is strong, the vitality is strong, lasting, and the anti-alkali ability is strong, it is a good variety of viewing results, and often makes a basin view.

Egg leaf

The flowers are the same as other varieties, but the leaves are inversely ovate, and the front end is circular.

Heavy leased

Flowers are the same as other varieties, just leaf narrow, wild in Hong Kong.

Plain leaves

Leaf pattern.


The plant is short, the branches are more flat, and the opium is narrow and small.Flower is small in leaf axis or branches, white, heavy petals, aroma.

Jade lotus

The flower is large and the lobe, the diameter is 7-8cm, and the courtyard is more common.

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