Breeding method


Touching the fragrance likes loose, drained a good sand soil. For those soils that are only too loose, it is recommended not to choose, they are not easy to store nutrients, which is easy to cause soil fertility, affecting the growth of the plant.


Touching the fragrance, the blade is thick under the sufficient environment, and the nature of the meat is displayed, otherwise the blade will be thin. Touching incense should be maintained in the sun all year round.


Touching the fragrance and warm, afraid of cold, winter moved to indoor maintenance, temperature control at 5 ° C -10 ° C can be safe in winter. It is relatively dry for water and moisture, and life is relatively dry.


Touching the fragrance is not resistant to moisture, and the wet is easy to get dead. The cloudy sky should be reduced or stopped. After the summer, we must water water, and the winter should control water. Usually, look at the leaves and watered the leaves, otherwise it will be easy.


It is easy to branches, grow in the horizontal direction, so properly widen the distance, try to make branches and leaves. Promoting the old branches in the growth, can promote branches, grow and grow.


Touching the fragrance does not need too much fertilizer, simply, it is not resistant, the growth period is once a month. Profile with phosphorus, less nitrogen fertilizer.

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