When will Song Hongmei bloom?

The flowering period of pine plum

The flowering period of Song Hongmei is actually relatively late, but it can last longer.Its natural flowering time is from late autumn to the end of spring, and the flowering period is between New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival.

Pine red plum blossom format

The flowers of Song Hongmei are more beautiful, I believe everyone will like it very much.The flowers of pine plums are divided into single petals and heavy petals, and they are rich in color, but they are mostly red, pink and white, pink, etc. The overall flowers are not large, and the diameter is within 3cm.

The value of the flowers of Songhong Plum is still very high, and its flowering period is in the Spring Festival and New Year’s Day, so many people like to use it as the New Year’s Eve flower and watch indoors.The festival adds some festive atmosphere.

Pine red plums can be potted, or can be planted and blossomed.

Pine red plum blossom pictures appreciation