Can Dendrobium candidum be kept in the bedroom?

1. Can Dendrobium candidum be kept in the room?

For people in urban life, you can only choose the room if you want to raise Dendrobium, so can you raise such plants living in a high -altitude area? The answer is yes. Although its attributes are slightly cold, it is not a problem to put it in the bedroom as an ornament.

2. The indoor placement of Dendrobium Dendrobium

Many people like to put their favorite plants on the window, but Dendrobium Dendrobium cannot be placed by the window. When there is more at noon, the leaves will turn color. So if you want to put it in the bedroom, you can choose a place where the sun is directly illuminated.

3. Precautions for Dendrobium candidum in indoor breeding

1. Pay attention to shading

Dendrobium officinale is a very sun -exposed plant. You can’t always have sunlight, but you can’t always be in the shadow. Whether it is spring and summer or autumn and winter, Dendrobium Dendrobium cannot receive 100 % light. Even in the cold winter, about a quarter of light should be covered. Of course, when the light is very small, you can choose not to shade.

2. Pay attention to temperature

The coolness is the favorite of Dendrobium officinale. This plant likes a cool environment, but this guess also guessed. After all, it is a plant suitable for growing in a high altitude. What is the suitable temperature for this case? Under normal circumstances, 10-15 degrees Celsius is the most suitable. The temperature difference should still be appropriate, and too small flowers will also affect its flowering.

3. Pay attention to humidity

This is similar to other domestic plants. It is good to spray water appropriately, and it is guaranteed to ensure humidity.

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