Differences between sizzling and phoenix

Railflower and phoenix bamboo are the landscapes we are often used to decorate indoor environments, which are characterized by absorbing harmful chemicals and purifying air. They seem to be similar, but they are two different landscape plants, they have their own characteristics, but we often ignore these small details in life.

Differences between sizzling and phoenix


The laminate is a bush of the palm, which is not cold, generally up to 2-5 meters, usually the lower stem and leaves are slightly yellow green, the surface has waxy white powder, the latine of the latine. The lobes of the leaves are asymmetrical (see charts below), and the fellowship can carefully observe the root portion of the tunkababro, and it will find slightly yellow, and the base is slightly expanded.


Let’s take a phoenix bamboo, and the phoenix is ​​a bamboo, woodclant, which is cold-resistant. The main pole of Fengwei bamboo is relatively dense. The stems are hollow. Its maximum height can only reach 3m or so, and its leaves are fine and beautiful, some leaves are fine, like a phoenix, its branches Very lush often puts the stems to form a state in which nature is drooped.

Female friends can imagine bamboo, and phoenix bamboo can give people a feeling of bamboo, and don’t look like scattered sunflowers, it will look at the following picture.

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