Aquaculture method and precautions for thousands of leaf riders

Farming method

Light and temperature

Thousands of leaf hanging blue hairdryer is half-yin environment, which requires a sunshine in the process of growing. But note that the light is too strong or insufficient, and the blade is easy and yellow. When the sun is strong in summer, pay attention to cover, so as not to be burned by plants. In winter, you should question the light of the insects to avoid light of the light.

Thousands of leaf hanging orchids warm and humid climate, no cold, suitable growth temperature, 20 to 24 ° C, temperature too high, the leaves are easy to do, and pay attention to cooling and ventilation in the summer. Winter temperature is low, keeping a certain wintering temperature, not less than 5 ° C.

Water fertilizer management

Chiba Allands can grow vigorously in the spring and autumn, so watering should be sufficient, and the basin should always keep moist, but not water. Summer high temperature should be sprayed frequently to increase humidity, and the autumn should gradually reduce water water.

In the peak season, the Chiba gain can stop the thin liquid fertilizer in the peak season, and the topishment should be stopped in winter.


Thousands of leaf gans have a very fast growth. Over time, the plants can be able to grow vigorously, in order to maintain a good strain, often plastic surgery, cut off the branches affecting the shaped branches, keep the plant, can also germinate Many new branches make the strains more full.

Thousands of leaf hangn is long-lived, and it is easy to play a basin every two years. The best time to change the basin is spring soil, and there is a gliped soil that is rich in curved, loose and fertilizer, and has a good exhaustive breathable.


Pest Control

Thousands of hangarn is common with a crust harm and root rot.

Breeding method

The reproduction of the Chiba lends allanca can be used in combination with the potting pots, and the general plant can be divided into two to the bull. It is also possible to cut the branches for cutting, and can also breed the small plant on the tissue.

The thousands of leaf hangers can also be seeded, but generally less.

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