Drunk butterflies, family breeding methods and precautions

Family breeding method of drunk butterfly


Drunk butterfly belongs to well-maintained plants, no special soil. It is best to have a good drain-containing shaped sand soil. The drunken butterfly roots are relatively developed, which is slightly somewhat slightly with basins, with a pot of 20 cm to 30 cm.

In addition to poor growth in alkaline soil, it can grow in the sandy soil and viscous soil, the best growing in the microlyidate loam soil, which can be used to cultivate soil and vegetable garden. Require soil loose, good drainage.

Light and temperature

Hi sunshine warm, inflammatory, slightly half-yin, not cold. In the summer, the frost frozen plant is dead. The temperature of the born is 20-32 ° C.

Water fertilizer management

Watering: can resist drought, but given large air humidity, grow better, water in summer water, and Like higher air humidity, air moisture is too low, will speed up single flowers. It is also afraid that the rain is sealed, and the blade is required to keep the blade at night. The optimum air relative humidity is 65-75%.

Fertilizers: Like other grass, drunken butterfly is more demand for fertilizer, but asking for fertilization (water) principles of “light fat, less, quantity, nutrition”, and after fertilizing, keep the blade at night and Flowers dry. It is used as the basin-loaded, and the tendency to apply 2-3 thin composite liquid fertilizers, which can be blooming during the Spring Festival.

Drunk butterfly flower

Upper pot or transplanted

When the seedlings are pound, they will be placed in the bottom of the pot to be 2-2 cm thick coarse matrix or ceramic granules as a filtration layer, which sprinkles a layer of sufficiently decomposed organic fertilizer as a base fertilizer, thickness is about 1-2 cm. The upper layer of the substrate is covered with a layer of about 1-2 cm, then plants, to separate the fertilizers to the root to avoid roots.

After the basin, pour it once and put it in a slightly covered environment.

Take a heart

Take the heart twice before flowering, to promote more flowering branches: up to one to two weeks, or when the seedlings are 6-10 cm and have more than six blades, put the top tip, retain 3-4 leaves in the lower part caused branches.

After the first pick-up 3-5 weeks, or when the side branches were long to 6-8 cm, the second pick, that is, the top tip of the lateral branch is removed, and 4 leaves below the side branch are retained. After two, the plants will be more ideal and the number of flowers is also. When planting a flower bed, the residuals should be removed in time to make it unexpected to prolong the flowering period.

Also note that the drunken butterfly can easily appear in the flowers, and the leaf surface can be carried out by 4000 times the insecticide Avermectin.

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