Female nursery breeding method and precautions

Female chick choice

Every time I say that more meat will mention the soil. Only the soil choice is right, and the maintenance will be simpler. The soil of the female chick usually chooses the peat + vermiculite + pearl rock, and adds an appropriate amount of bone powder, or 3 of the rot leaves, 3 river sands, 1 garden soil, 1 mixture of slags.

Simple, buy more meat dedicated soil, mix the sand, and you can use it.

Watering method for female chick

The Spring and Autumn Season is the growth season of the female chick, and sufficient moisture is given. In summer, the hot season should pay attention to the water, and a small amount of water is good. If you don’t need to pour water, you should pay attention when watering, and the sun is strong, don’t go to Ye Xin. As long as the temperature is controlled at 0 ° C, it can feed water, 0. ° C or less.

Watering time, the spring and winter season chooses no morning warmth, summer afternoon or evening is more cool. Don’t take a water in the heart, and water you want.

Female chick

The female chick needs to be fully illuminated, and the plants will be compact, the red of the blade will be more obvious, more ornamental. You can try full sun care, you can make it properly when you are in summer.

How is the female chick?

The seedlings are the problems that everyone will encounter. How do you just bought the girls grow better? Just bought back female chick, put it in the tide, and put it in the bright ventilation of 1 to 2 weeks, then gradually increase the light, during which it can be water. Keep ventilation and avoid breeding bacteria, black rot.

Women’s temperature requirements

The most suitable temperature of the female chick is 15 ~ 25 ° C, (most of the meat is like this), the winter temperature cannot be less than 5 ° C. In the summer, you can spread the air, but the temperature is higher than 35 ° C, you will move to the bright scattering light, slowly break the water, the whole hibernation period, after the temperature falls in mid-September, restore breeding.

The female chick adapted to the environment, the summer can still grow normally, the sleep phenomenon is not very obvious.

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