Flower arrangement techniques (3)

Leaf drawing method

This method is suitable for plant leaves with parallel leaf veins, such as 箬 leaves. You can tear the blades vertically. When you are not completely torn, you can use a few wires to pull the veins, which can produce a spindle -shaped arc leaf.

Leaf flipping method

If the leaves are long sword -shaped, first cut a mouth in the middle of the leaf when using this method, bend the front of the leaves, and pull out the leaves after penetrating the mouth, so that the shape of the wings will come out.


You can choose a soft flower material such as weeping willow, Yingchun, or plants with slender leaves such as Silan, books and grass, and make knot treatment, and determine the tightness of the knotted tie according to the shape of the flower arrangement.

Branch and leaf bending method

This is to express the natural needs, and properly “destruction” for complete branches. For example, the pupae leaves in the water basin can be treated, which can express the scenery of the river pond.


Some wooden branches will not shrink even if they get dry. You can insert the branches into the vase to achieve some artistic effects.

Group binding method

Some wild flowers and plants are small, and the effect of watching together is better. You can bundle the flowers into a group with a rope when the flower arrangement, and then insert the vase.

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